And Avoid the disappointment or heartache That comes from 
not knowing how to place your Friends in their appropriate Friendship tier

In Your Friendships...

  • Identify on a level of friendship you're not on.
  • Give more to the relationship than you want or need to.
  • Deal with toxic behavior that isn't changing.
  • ​Be physically or emotionally available at all times. 
  • Pass out titles to people who don’t live up to them.
  • Answer the question: "Are We Friends" often.
  • ​​To be intentional. To reach out. To pursue. To be more committed.
  • Pull away from a friendship because you're not meeting their expectations.

If So, You're Not Alone! I've Helped 
So Many Others Just Like You!

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I'm KB. And for the last 14 years I've been committed to  discovering what it means to have conversations that are Honest. Elephant-sized. Authentic. Real and Transparent. And now I get to help thousands of others, do the same thing, daily!


With H.E.A.R.T. Convos and a couple of other basic things, you'll stop worrying about your friendships falling apart at any moment and have the clarity and confidence you need to make deep, meaningful connections with others.

Check out this mini-series to learn these 3 major keys that will change the way you're talking about everything!

Have You Asked ANY Of These Questions About Friendship Lately?
Have You Asked ANY Of These Questions 
About Your Friendships Lately?
  • Do my friends really like me?
  • Is it time I cut my friend off or just fade away?
  • Are they really my BEST friend?
  • ​Is friendship supposed to be this hard? 
  • Why do I feel like my friend and I had a legit break-up?
If So, You're Not Alone! I've Helped 
Thousands Of Others Just Like You!
If So, You're Not Alone! I've Helped 
Thousands Of Others Just Like You!

The last thing that anyone wants is to put a ton of time and mental energy into a friendship, only to be worried (that at any moment) things will fall apart. 

So, what is the secret to having great friendships as an adult? You start with 3 basic things: 

*How to have (H.E.A.R.T.) conversations that matter
*How to properly label your friends
*How to have R.E.A.L. expectations

In this mini-series, H.E.A.R.T. Convos 101: How To Lay A Solid Foundation For Friendships; we dive into breaking down what a H.E.A.R.T. Convo is, how you identify the Friendship Tiers, and how to have R.E.A.L. Expectations to avoid unnecessary heartache!

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