"Where Friendship Is The Focus..."

"Where Friendship Is The Focus..."

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September 2nd, 3rd & 4th In Indianapolis, Indiana

Partnered with

September 2nd, 3rd & 4th In Indianapolis, Indiana


ONLY 100 Tickets

H.E.A.R.T. Conversations


ONLY 100 Tickets

H.E.A.R.T. Conversations

Making Time For Friendship Can Feel Impossible When

  • You're so busy with work
  • Friendship feels complicated and difficult 
  • Your marriage requires so much of your energy and time
  • Your last friendship failed horribly
  • Your kids consume most of your life
  • Y​ou & your friends never think ahead to plan something special & uninterrupted



Connection, Conversation & Content From Expert 
Coaches, CEO's & Licensed Clinicians

"This event is for driven, high-functioning women who want to find more time and space to focus on connection in friendship. 
If you need the opportunity to do that...then THIS event is for YOU." –Kristen "KB" Newton


Connection, Conversation & Content From Expert 
Coaches, CEO's & Licensed Clinicians

"This event is for intentional, purpose-driven, high capacity women who want to find more time and space to focus on connection in friendship. If you want the opportunity to do that...then THIS event is for YOU.

Host, Kristen "KB" Newton

Get Away To A Place 
Where Friendship
Is The Focus

Get Away To A Place 
Where Friendship
Is The Focus

With all of life's can feel impossible to prioritize friendship. Be 1 of 100 friendship-focused women to learn what it takes to MAKE... MEND... or MAINTAIN the kind friendships you have or have always wanted.

"What Are Women Who Are Thriving In Their Friendships Doing RIGHT NOW...That Other Women Are Not?"


I'm not going to lie to you.

Having healthy friendships in 2022 is hard.

Times have changed.

Social media is here to stay...

Cancel culture is alive and well...

People are feeling more disconnected from others than ever before in our history...

And the way we do relationships has CHANGED.

Incredible women such as yourself... are juggling so many relationship dynamics at no fault of your own.

Everybody is's not just you.

The world is imploding with tragedy.

And there just isn't enough time to invest in family, church, dating relationships, your kids, your spouse AND the people you work with week to week.

Relationships can start to feel OVERWHELMING...

Especially if you feel like YOU have to do it all...

While trying to navigate transition...

Meet everybody's demands...

Or while trying to make time for yourself.

But I Want You To Know Something ––

The Unnecessary Relationship Stress... The Unending Demands... AND The Constant Worrying If You're Worthy or Good Enough...

All those feelings can finally disappear when you come to FRIENDCATION Experience 2022. 

Because making focused time for friendship is the key to having the kinds of friendships you've always wanted and it's attainable only through attending FRIENDCATION Experience 2022! 

It is the only experience of it's kind for intentional, driven, high-capacity females from all walks of life, industries and seasons to discover NEW perspective about relationships... NEW found freedom in their personal alignment and NEW connection principles for success in any friendship!

I’ve personally guided and/or coached hundreds of women who have found success in their friendships... because they make time to develop, encourage & strengthen their friendships.

And I have invited them along with YOU to show up to the very first FRIENDCATION Experience happening this Labor Day Weekend, September 2-4, 2022!

Here Are The Important Details:

 Dates for Live Experience: September 2nd, 3rd & 4th (VIP+ Only)

 Dates for Live Experience: September 2nd, 3rd & 4th (VIP+ Only)

 Location: Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana

 Location: Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana

 Ticket Options: General Admission – VIP Experience – Platinum Experience

 Ticket Options: General Admission – VIP Experience – Platinum Experience


(Once these seats are filled...there will be NO more seats available in venue)

Look at most events for women out there... They are often For Single or Married Women, for Entrepreneurs or business owners OR An Specific age group.

FRIENDCATION Experience 2022 is a friendship focused event! you and any of your friends are welcome no matter what space in life you fill!

Are you ready to focus on your friendships without distraction?

If the answer is 'yes', then you are in the right place. 

During this weekend event, you will: 

  • Have uninterrupted time with your friends without life's distractions.
  • Strengthen & build up your current friendships with new content never taught to the public!
  • ​Laugh, cry and/or connect genuinely with others in a safe space to be your most authentic self.
  • Meet other women from around the world who are friendship-focused.
  • MASTER the art of knowing whether or not a person is right for you within the first 3 minutes of meeting them 👀!
  • ​Discover new ways to cope with disappointment and loneliness. 
  • ​Find your people & BELONG!

So Choose The Experience That Is Right For You:


General Admission

Sept. 2nd & 3rd



Early Bird Special

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
  • 2-Day Access
  • ​Ticket Access for Friday Night Main Session & Evening Mixer 
  • Ticket Access to Saturday Workshop & Evening Main Session
  • Friday Night Dinner (Included)
  • ​Chick-Fil-A To-Go Dinner @ Dismissal (Included)

This Price Goes To The Next 10 People To Reserve Their FRIENDCATION Experience 22' Ticket Before the Timer Hits 00:00:00!

VIP Experience

Sept. 2nd, 3rd & 4th

(most popular)


  • Everything in General +
  • ​3-Day Access
  • ​Priority VIP Registration
  • ​​Exclusive VIP Seating
  • ​VIP Experience Swag Bag w/ Conference Tee
  • ​​*Bonus: Saturday Morning Self Care Treatment Session 
  • *Bonus: ​​Access To VIP Dinner w/ KB & Friends (Saturday Night)
  • *Bonus: VIP Only session w/ Special Guest Sunday Afternoon 
  • ​*Bonus: VIP Only Sunday Brunch (Included)

Platinum Experience

Sept. 2nd, 3rd & 4th

(ONLY 5 Spots Available)


  • Everything in VIP +
  • 35 min coaching call w/ KB (prior to event)
  • ​In-person ​Meet & Greet w/ KB
  • ​30 Day Access To Session Replays
  • ​*Bonus: ALL-Access Pass To Platinum Lounge: Treat yourself to the most comfortable accommodations. Get access to special guests "back stage". Enjoy private seating with unlimited snacks and drink.  
  • ​*Bonus: Download Exclusive Documentary: This event and the journey to executing it will be documented. As a platinum experience participant. You can be a part of history and collect your very own copy to see exclusive interviews, planning and behind the scenes.

Get Access

Engage The Content

Have The Conversation

Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I come to FRIENDCATION Experience by myself?

Absolutely! You do not need to come with a group or another person to attend. All ticket prices are per individual. 

 Is this event for women only?

Yes. For now, this event is for women only.

 Will this event be recorded?

Yes. Get 30 day access to session replays when you purchase your PLATINUM Experience ticket.

 Do you offer group packages?

No. Each ticket is per individual participant. For the lowest rates... be sure to take advantage of the Early-Bird special.

 Where is this event located? 

Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana

 When does the Experience begin and end? 

Doors open on Friday for registration at 630pm EST & the main session begins at 7pm EST. 
*General Admission access ends Saturday at 5pm EST and VIP+ ends on Sunday afternoon 2pm EST.

 I can't stay the entire weekend, is that ok?

Yes. We have a 2-day admission ticket for Friday & Saturday and a 3-day experience ticket that goes through Sunday afternoon. You can choose the ticket that best meets your needs.

 Do you have a hotel block with a special event rate?

Yes. We have partnered with the Hyatt Place | Hyatt House hotel and there a few rooms blocked off for FRIENDCATION Experience participants. Room is NOT included in any ticket price.

 Which ticket is going to give me the most bang for my buck

VIP or Platinum. VIP will grant you access to every event the entire weekend. You won't miss out on anything. The Platinum Experience will enhance your VIP experience and give you the ability to take the experience home with you to experience over and over again. 

 Do you offer refunds?

No. Once your ticket is purchased and/or your payment plan begins, you will not be refunded for any payments paid. If you need to cancel a payment plan for any reason... we will stop any future payments but will not refund any completed payments. Email: to stop future payments.

"I struggled in friendship for years until I cannot have healthy or deep, meaningful friendships with others without making space & time to invest in them. Contrary to popular belief...friendship doesn't "just happen"...they take intentionality & time just like every other working relationship in your life. So I've  created a safe space for you and others to lean in, communicate and connect at the deepest and highest levels. Join me here at the very first FRIENDCATION Experience 2022! 

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