Learn What 5 Conversations You're Avoiding Daily

That have you feeling stuck! I bet you did #4 this morning...

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Do You Struggle With  
Navigating Relationships Well?

Don't worry, I did too, you're not the only one! 

 Are you frustrated because you're clueless about what to do?
  Are you lonely?
  Do you feel like your conversations with others go around in circles?
  Do you feel like others are constantly overstepping your personal boundaries?
  Do you believe that if people really knew you, they'd leave you?
  Are you tired of cutting people off?
  Are you reluctant to share your needs with others?
  Did your last relationship fade without either of you sharing how you really felt about what happened?

Heart Convos has exactly what you need to help you succeed in your conversations and connections with others and it's all in one place. 

"You cannot maintain healthy relationships with others by avoiding difficult conversations. I know it feels uncomfortable but you were made for deep, meaningful connections." -kb

It's Time To Thrive In Your Relationships 
With Others And Make A Plan

Here's how so many others, just like you, have done it.

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What others are saying about Heart Convos...

"Rewatched several of your videos last week before sitting down with a friend to address some things. Helped me to go into the conversation with a more peaceful and more gentle spirit."
- Azina

"IT CHANGED MY LIFE! We have a foundation now... Heart Convos can be hard to have but they make a world of difference."
- Eritreah 

"I'm realizing though I have learned so much there are still things that are hard to do. I need to keep reminding myself daily that though it's uncomfortable the pursuit is worth it in the end!"
- Kristin

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 Dramatically Increased Self Awareness

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(a message from KB)
In a world where most people feel like vulnerability and intentional conversations are for the Brene' Browns and Red Table Talks of the world, HEART Convos is normalizing intentional conversation for everyday people like you and me. 

Have you ever felt like you were moving forward in your life goals and career, all the while moving backwards in your friendships and deep, meaningful connections? I have! It's almost like friendship has gotten harder as life goes on. Conversations seem more layered, feelings are harder to share, shallow conversations seem unnecessary and we struggle to be ourselves. For some of us this is our normal but this is no way to live! 

You deserve deep, meaningful connections and life giving relationships. Take it from me, living any other way feels like torture and is deeply unsatisfying. However, things can be different if you learn the basic Heart Convos framework. This framework will better equip your perspective and provide the fundamentals you need to learn the language, grow your connections and so much more.

Don't settle for avoiding difficult conversations and having mediocre relationships the rest of your life. Select the service right for you, engage the content and watch your capacity for conversations increase exponentially! Learn to have the intentional conversations that make room for deep, meaningful connections.

See you on the inside, 

How Can You Experience Growth And Greater Connections In Conversation With Others?

At the end of the day, people are people. We were made for deep, meaningful connections and the ability to thrive in those connections should be normal, not the exception. We've slacked on doing our own inner work and the additional work of leaning into vulnerability with others and it's costing us our connections. 

As far as I'm concerned, that is too great a price to pay. 

Heart Convos is all about giving you the tools to navigate your connections with others. If you become a member and do the work of engaging the content you won't stay frustrated because you don't know what to do. Instead you'll want to pursue intentionally with others because you want all your connections to thrive. 

Become a member and let's start getting you into thriving relationships with others.



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